Wednesday, April 08, 2020
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Archives Grzybowsky Paul ,1883-1954

Grzybowsky Paul, 1883-1954

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The WW1

The model and her photographer

A true love declaration to nature,to landscapes and to photography.

Elegant couple, Mrs. Grzybowsky was the muse, the style and the art direction, Mr. Grzybowsky was the technical side.

The collection we have goes from 1910 till 1953 about.

The pictures in this page are scans from stereoscopic glass plates, digitally restored. Mrs. Grzybowsky was a Polish banker .We search information in order to build up his biography. The few information we have are the notes on the boxes containing the glass plates.

The colorful pictures are not adjustments or reinterpretation but the original colors, in this case are slides.


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