Wednesday, April 08, 2020
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Fine Art Italia-Abc Artists Bruno Sauerwein Bruno Sauerwein-Shooting in the sand

Bruno Sauerwein-Shooting in the sand


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Shooting in the sand

In 2001, I met these German and American guys on The Outer Banks, in North Carolina. What were they doing there so many years after the end of WW2 ? I spied on them for a while, and was astonished at what I came to witness. So much complicity, along with so much explosive hatred. Did they end up sinking into the sand together during one of their legendary peacemaking naps ? Or have they become addicted to watching sand picking birds rush back and forth on the beach ? Or have they become totally hooked on barbecued North Carolinian shrimps ? What has become of them ? Who knows, I just might be going back to try and find them, one of these days...

Bruno Sauerwein