Wednesday, April 08, 2020
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Francesco Majo-Travels

Francesco & Nataly Majo-Travels


Francesco and Nataly are international, award winning, photographers and directors, that have been living and working in Milan, London, Barcelona and Paris for over 25 years.The photographic duo are married and work as a team. They met in Italy where they both studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan. Francesco studied photography and also later received a degree in Travel Journalism in London.
Nataly moved from Colombia to Italy to study art direction and graphic design.
They love the challenge of taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary. The love for photography and personal research gave them the opportunity to collaborate with some of the greatest and most talented art directors, designers, prop and food stylist to create beautiful work for a different range of international clients. The duo loves to travel and explore the flavours and cuisines the world has to offer.