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John Galliano

What can I say more than what you already know?

Nothing just we love John...the images were made in 1996 and used for the Spring Summer 1997 fashion show to decorate the "John Galliano"  fashion show ,the theme was the Circus.

John Galliano runway show decorations, Paris (Bercy Village) 1996.

Art director John Galliano.Set designer Jean-Luc Ardouin.

The theme “circus,acrobats and gypsy”.Only few samples remained after the show.

The painting technique is mixed…tracer print in black and white (architect printer) and painted by hand with acrilic colors.

The sizes :

  • 154 cm x 129 cm for the double …note the two poster are glue together (unique edition)
  • 123.5 cm x 90 cmfor the gypsy couple (unique edition)
  • 117.5 cm x 90 cm for the gypsy (unique edition)
  • 113 cm x 90 cm for the sitting gypsy(unique edition)
  • 117.5 cm x 90 cm for the gypsy 02 (unique edition)

Maybe 3-4 more prints escape the dustbin.


For collectors and museums you may request from contact form.

Video Documentation

  • Documentary on John Galliano made in 1996, during his stint at Givenchy, just before entering Dior. Before Botox and unfortunate words. But big, huge, in his profession, as always.

About The Artist...


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