Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Fine Art Italia-Abc Artists Massimo Capodieci Massimo Capodieci-Baghdad Project 2003

Massimo Capodieci-Baghdad Project 2003

Interactive Baghdad

Those picture are not postcards but the result of the tecnology 10 year old:

Broadband 512 Kbs,

OS W2000

RAM 2X250
Connection pirated Live from Baghdad

Different webcams installed in Bagdad and my computer connected from Paris.
I, unable to react in front of all that horror happening many thousand Km. away from me.

What to do? Call the police? Or the fireman, the ambulance, how many wounded, deads, which address?...This is modern story.

Someone decided so , no one ask anybody about  the reason actually someone did force the reason with a little bottle containing a strange powder. About opinions or what so ever? Someone invented the story without calculating the consecuences...


Very young Massimo Capodieci became interested in photography. He took his first photographs in southern Italy at the age of 13 years. In the late seventies, he moved to Germany. Then, in the early ninety, he left for Paris where he still lives today. He specializes in the fields of fashion and beauty. But it also carries portraits of artists, including famous musicians: Frank Zappa, Jefferson Starship, The Who, Led Zeppelin ... also great artist like Takashi Murakami and movie directors: Sergio Leone, Jean-Jacques Annaud and actors: Sean Connery, Valentina Vargas, Christian Slater, F. Murray Abraham .... His photographs were published in "Dazed and Confused," "Marie Claire", "Self Service", "Up Street", "Beaux Arts Magazine", "Paper Mag" ... He also shot for brands like L'Oreal, Lancaster, Monteil, Orlane, Schwarzkopf, Toni & Guy, Lancome, Fred Farrugia ...


Très jeune, Massimo Capodieci s'est intéressé à la photographie. Il a pris ses premières photos en Italie du Sud à l'âge de 13 ans. À la fin des années soixante-dix, il s'est installé en Allemagne. Puis, au début des années quatre-vingt-dix, il est parti pour Paris où il vit encore aujourd'hui. Il est spécialisé dans les domaines de la mode et de la beauté. Mais il réalise également des portraits d'artistes, notamment de célèbres musiciens:Frank Zappa,Jefferson Starship, The Who, Led Zeppelin... et de réalisateurs: Sergio Leone , Jean-Jacques Annaud et d'acteurs: Sean Connery, Valentina Vargas, Christian Slater, F. Murray Abraham.... Ses photographies ont été publiées dans "Dazed & Confused",  "Marie-Claire", "Self Service", "Up-Street", "Beaux Arts Magazine", "Paper Mag"... Il a aussi shooté pour de grandes marques telles L'Oréal, Lancaster, Monteil, Orlane, Schwarzkopf, Toni & Guy, Lancôme, Fred Farrugia...


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